Parent FAQ

Consistent with our Founders’ thoughts in 1874, our primary purpose is to create an environment for our members in which lasting friendships and our values of sisterhood emanate all aspects of our organization. We encourage an atmosphere which will foster high ideals of friendship among college women, promote their educational and cultural interests, create in them a true sense of social responsibility and develop in them high qualities of character.

Why join Sigma Kappa?

Sigma Kappa at Sacramento State is a strong community with a very diverse community. This will allow your daughter the opportunities of a lifetime. Sigma Kappa lives through their 4 values through all aspects of life. Personal growth allowing members to strive to be the best person they can be. Service encourages members to get involved in the community and make a difference. Friendships will last a lifetime, not just 4 years. Loyalty promotes members' willingness to remain connected. These 4 values will lead to a strong Sigma Kappa women. 


Will joining Sigma Kappa take away from my daughter's college experience? 

Absolutely not! Sigma Kappa at Sacramento State understands that school comes first. With our in-depth scholarship program, our members are help accountable. This scholarship program not only motivates our sisters but also gives them the necessary support to succeed in school. Sigma Kappa is committed to the success of all of our members here at Sacramento State. 

What is the time commitment like?

There is definitely a time commitment, but there are also so many benefits, like leadership and networking opportunities, academic support, and lifelong friendships! 

Some of the events we hold are optional, but our Founder's Day celebration in the Fall, our weekly chapter meetings, sisterhood retreat, ritual events, and Ultraviolet events are mandatory. We also have a numerous amount of non mandatory events, some include mixers and formals!


Is there an academic requirement?

We value academics highly, and believe that academics come first, we also require that our members attend a certain amount of scholarship points, based on their GPA. We do require that each member maintains a 2.5 overall GPA in order to remain in good standing. If a member falls below this minimum, she will be placed on academic suspension and will receive specialized plans from the Vice President of Scholarship.


What are the financial responsibilities?

Sigma Kappa is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to finance yearly operating expenses and chapter services. You can read more about those fees on our national website. Your daughter will be provided with a detailed breakdown of all the financial responsibilities should she join our chapter. We understand that it can be overwhelming at first, but it is definitely manageable. If needed, payment plans can be arranged between a member and our Vice President of Finance.


How can parents get involved?

We invite parents to come to Parent's weekend, our Ultraviolet Sketti feed in the Spring, and we have a Mother Daughter Pinning in the Fall! We will let your daughter know when there are events that parents can attend!


What about after my daughter graduates?

After graduation, your daughter has the opportunity to remain involved in the organization for years to come. With over 165,000 members worldwide and 106 alumnae chapters in 34 states, your daughter has the opportunity to connect with women wherever she goes in the coming years. Alumnae membership looks different for each of our members. Some are involved in an alumnae chapter that meets regularly for activities and service events while others are advisors for a local chapter. Our members are able to continue their personal and professional development with Sigma Kappa through social and philanthropic activities with other alumnae members. The possibilities are endless and her Sigma Kappa involvement can and will look different over time based on her life experiences at the time.


We value and understand any parent's questions or concerns. If you have any additional questions, please contact our chapter president, Trinity Harwell, at