Letter from the Chapter

Hello Potential New Members!

My name is Kira Hall and I am the current Chapter President of Sigma Kappa at Sacramento State. Being from San Diego myself, I totally understand that starting college and meeting new people can definitely be intimidating. Whether your like me and have to move to Sacramento or have lived here for years, everyone is new here in one way or another! It involves a lot of courage and can be overwhelming at times; however, Sigma Kappa is a place that can be your home away from home.

Sigma Kappa allows you to be active in Sacramento State’s campus community, attend socials and mixers, and contribute time to philanthropic causes. 

Joining a sorority is always a special decision, but Sigma Kappa's purpose is to unite its members through the shared values of friendship, loyalty, service, and personal growth. It is with this bond that we discovered a sincere friendship that promotes the development of fine character through high standards of achievement - scholastically, socially, and spiritually. I personally don't know where I'd be without this sorority! It's given me all my roommates throughout college, my best friends, and definitely met my future maid of honor!

What is truly special about us? We are the kind of women who will hug you when you need a shoulder to lean on, will go on spontaneous trips with you whether it's to Target or Tahoe, and we are the ones who are gonna stay up in the Library with you until 3 am making sure you pass all your finals!

Going Greek and going Sigma Kappa has been the best decision I have made yet, giving me a family to help keep me on track and working toward being the woman I am capable of being.

All I can say is, if you are open to new opportunities, want to have grand opportunities to gain personal growth, and want to find your Girl Gang.... well consider going Greek! 

On behalf of the entire Epsilon Lambda Chapter here at Sacramento State, I wish you the absolute best in finding your home away from home here in Sacramento.

With high hopes and love,

Kira Hall
Sigma Kappa, Epsilon Lambda
Sacramento State