Letter from the Chapter



Hello Potential New Members!

My name is Trinity Harwell  and I am the current Chapter President of Sigma Kappa at Sacramento State. If you are reading this, that probably means you are interested in joining one sorority or another, and I am thrilled that you have found our page! Sigma Kappa is such a special organization, and for our members, it truly is a place to call "home." Since its founding in 1874, our beautiful sorority has been dedicated to fostering personal growth, loyalty, friendship, and service. We strive to live with heart every single day, caring for ourselves and others to the fullest extent, and pushing ourselves to become the best versions of who we know we can be. 

My Story

I joined Sigma Kappa in Fall 2018, and over the past three years I have grown as a leader, as a friend, and as an individual. Sure, I can probably attribute to some of that personal growth to advancing my education as a Criminal Justice major, and to being forced to learn through my mistakes while navigating the world as an adult for the first time--just as every other student on campus. However, my confidence, strength, leadership skills, sense of belonging, and heightened capacity for love cannot be explained by anything other than my sorority. 

Being a leader is not always easy, and my sisters have been kind enough to hold me up even when I've had difficult decisions to make. They have given me the space to mess up and learn from my mistakes, and through their understanding, I, too, have learned to be more understanding,  more patient, and more compassionate. My sisters, unfailingly, have cheered me on; inspiring my strength, strengthening my drive, and empowering me to be more confident than I had previously thought I could be. 

This sorority is forgiving and kind. It is diverse in culture and in thought. It is as safe a place for laughter as it is for tears. It is a truly special organization where you can find girlfriends who will stand by you well beyond the day you graduate from Sacramento State to go take on the world. 

I could write an entire book about how being a sorority woman-- a Sigma Kappa woman-- has positively impacted my life; but this is about YOUR story. Will you be a member of Sigma Kappa one day? Will you become a member of another sorority? If you are looking for lifelong sisters, tons of new and fun experiences, and endless opportunities for growth-- try going GREEK!

No matter where you end up, you're sure to find a forever home in one of the unique sororities on our campus.

As for Sigma Kappa, we hope to see you at some of our recruitment events!!

Love and best wishes,

Sigma Kappa Epsilon Lambda Chapter & President Trinity Harwell