Chapter Philanthropy


Our Sigma Kappa founders left us with a lasting impression of the importance of philanthropy. Service is one of Sigma Kappa's founding values, and as such, members of Sigma Kappa support multiple philanthropic causes.

Our Philanthropies

The Walk to End Alzheimer's

Every fall our members participate in the Sacramento Walk to End Alzheimer's located at Raley Field. Every Sigma Kappa across the nation hosts their community's 5k walk. This is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research. Due to COVID-19, we participated in this walk at home through the Walk to End Alzheimer's App. 


Sigma Kappa Foundation

All proceeds raised go towards scholarships, other financial aid for sisters/alumni in emergencies, and our philanthropies. 



In the fall, we host a dodge ball tournament for other fraternities and sororities to participate in. All the money raised goes toward the Sigma Kappa Foundation. Also, the winner of the tournament becomes our Sigma Stud for the year! Due to COVID-19 this was not possible this last year. 


Maine Sea Coast Mission

Lastly, we donate money to the Maine Sea Coast Mission. Main Sea Coast donates resources and financial help to those impacted by hurricanes and storms. They help rebuild people's homes and bring in a medical ship to remote areas to aid the injured. 

Our Service Projects
Inherit the Earth
We perform acts of service for Inherit the Earth such as park and river clean ups. Here are some sisters at a park clean up!



We also perform acts of service for Gerontology (study of elderly population) by volunteering our time at elderly care facilities (pre-covid) and are currently working on donating cards and flowers as an alternative ways to give back. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Food Bank

Sisters have volunteered their time at the food bank as well!