Chapter Officers

Trinity Harwell


Year: Senior Major: Criminal Justice Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I LOVE being a Sigma Kappa because of the loving environment and the philanthropy. My great grandma passed away from Alzheimer's about 8 years ago, and my Nana has Alzheimer's right now, so it mean a lot to me that I'm in an organization which cares so much about Alzheimer's awareness and raising money to find a cure. All of my SK sisters are beautiful inside and out, and they're all diverse and unique in more ways then I can count. I know they have my back, and they know I have theirs, and there hasn't been a single day where I've felt alone, since joining this amazing organization. My position: I am so proud to be my chapter's President, because I get the chance to do right by our members, who have gotten me through so much over the past 3 years.

Kim Duran

Vice President of Standards and Values

Year: Sophomore Major: Biology Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I love Sigma Kappa because it is a group of women where I feel like I belong. My position: I love my position because I can help the chapter when they are having a dilemma whether it is in their life or with school and provide advice.

Jenna Shaikh

Vice President of New Member Education

Year: Sophomore Major: Sociology and Philosophy Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I love Sigma Kappa because of all the lifelong sisterhood bonds I've made, as well as our amazing values!! My position: I am SO proud to have my position! I am beyond excited for the role I am going to be playing in these women's futures in Sigma Kappa and hope to mentor them and teach them as much as I can!

Hailey Beck

Vice President of Finance

Year: Junior Major: Child Development Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: Sigma Kappa has always given me a space to be myself and to form great relationships with women who inspire me to be the best I can be! My position: I love having the opportunity to be the Vice President of Finance for this chapter to give back and help the chapter that I love so much thrive especially during these uncertain times.

Sophia Millner

Vice President of Membership

Year: Sophomore Major: Criminal Justice Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I fell in love with Sigma Kappa because of my big. I had an incredibly difficult time accepting SK as my home and thought about leaving a lot because I just had different plans for myself and my big always reached out and invited me to things. She introduced me to her friends and took me under her wing. We got really close really quickly and each day felt easier and easier. I got to know more girls and found out what I could do in this chapter and I have never looked back. My position: I am currently the VPM of Sigma Kappa and I'm hoping to be the president my last year!

Linzile Sweezer

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Year: Junior Major: Biology Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I love sigma kappa because all of my sisters are super genuine and I love how I can be myself around them. I also love all of our philanthropy because a lot of people can connect with it personally and it means a lot seeing the money we raise go to a good cause. My position: Although my position in this chapter can be difficult at times, I love it because it forces me to challenge myself and to go out of my comfort zone. I also love being VP of Communications and Operations because I make sure that the women in the chapter are participating and coming to as many events as they can.

Joann Miles

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Year: Junior Major: Biomedical Sciences Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I love Sigma Kappa because of the diversity of the women in the chapter! I also love it because it is a safe place and you can always count on each other! My position: I am excited to show new and active members that once you're a Sigma Kappa you will always have a home here! I am also excited to give recognition to our seniors and show them that their time in the chapter is appreciated!

Cierra Ceccatti

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Year: Junior Major: Psych Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I love SK because it has given me the confidence to take on a position and a wonderful sisterhood! My position: I am proud to be VP of Philanthropic Service because I like being able to give back to my community. It's really awesome to be apart in raising money for our philanthropies.

Sarah Putirka

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Year: Freshman Major: French Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I love Sigma Kappa because I met people in the chapter who believe in me and want me to succeed. It is a safe place where you can grow as a person. My position: I love my position because I am passionate about our chapter and want our girls to be at their full potential. Every women in our chapter is smart and I want them to become their best selves.

Katy Palka

Vice President of Programming

Year: Sophomore Major: Health Science Why I love being a Sigma Kappa: I love Sigma Kappa because it is my home away from home. I feel the most comfortable when I am around my sisters. My position: I love being the VPP because I feel like I can make a difference in my sorority. Being able to be the one to help women learn and feel empowered with themselves, makes my position worthwhile.