Advisory Board

“Being a member of the advisory board as an alumna of Sigma Kappa is one of the most rewarding experiences! It is elating that I am able to volunteer my time to an organization that gave me so much. Sigma Kappa is the catalyst that created the woman I am today. As an advisor, I strive to help women in the chapter develop their leadership skills and realize that they can do ANYTHING!” - Siera Panter, VPM Advisor

Chapter advisors make a tremendous impact in the lives of collegians they serve. 

The role of the chapter advisor is to guide, advise, and support the collegiate chapter and chapter officers and monitor their progress. Chapter advisors advise the collegiate chapter officers on a variety of topics. They are responsible for the supervision of the chapter's affairs as related to Sigma Kappa, the campus, and the community.


If you are a Sigma Kappa alumna living in the Sacramento region and are interested in becoming an advisor to the Epsilon Lambda chapter, please email Hillary Crawford at